Nick Jonsson as the International Campaigner of the Year (InsideOut Awards/18 March)

In celebrating our mental health and those who champion it, we would like to share that the Managing Director of EGN Singapore, Nick Jonsson, is selected to be the finalist of the International Campaigner of the Year at the InsideOut Awards. This category is sponsored by Gympass. There has never been a greater need for those who […]

Why the pandemic has restored our faith in the indomitable human spirit

A special feature powered by Ferrari (Portfolio Magazine Singapore, Outlook 2022: Part 5/ March 3) EGN Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, was featured on the latest Portfolio Magazine Singapore, Outlook 2022: Part 5. Nick and other executives are talking about why the pandemic has restored our faith in the indomitable human spirit: A special feature powered […]

Nick Jonsson Interviewed by Business Desk

Nick Jonsson, co-founder and managing director of EGN Singapore, is also the author of Executive Loneliness: The 5 Pathways to Overcoming Isolation, Stress, Anxiety & Depression in the Modern Business World was interviewed by Business Desk in New Zealand. In this interview, he shared about the struggles and challenges he faced at the top of […]

Nick Jonsson is honoured the Entrepreneurs 100 Award 2021

Nick Jonsson with EGN Singapore won the Entrepreneurs 100 Award 2021: Singapore’s Emerging Entrepreneurs of the year. On an annual basis, the Entrepreneur 100 Award continues to honour and celebrate the success of Singapore’s top performing entrepreneurs whose inspiring ambitions have contributed to the business’ success, delivering growth, business innovation and prosperity that transforms the industry. […]

In 2022, Vulnerability Will Be A Leader’s Superpower

Recent changes in our work environments and psychological needs have accelerated the rise of a new core leadership strength: vulnerability. Although we all struggle, sharing our struggles with those we lead has traditionally been a sign of weakness.  In contrast, TED speaker, Brene Brown, notes that vulnerability is a compelling way to build trust, and […]

Nick Jonnson was featured on Business Times View: Musings on a Brand New Year

EGN’s Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, was featured in The Business Times Views From The Top  alongside other executives in Singapore, who have shared their thoughts as to what could eventuate in 2022 (1/10). Read Nick’s comment about how the pandemic has shaped leadership and how leading with compassion and kindness is the way forward in […]

#Candid: 100 Perspectives on Gender Equality in Singapore

We are proud to announce that our Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, is selected and published in the Candid the book 100 Perspectives on Gender Equality in Singapore. We would also like to thank Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore for this wonderful initiative. Nick shares his idea that Equal Benefits are essential for equality. Please visit this […]

Systemic Change of Equal Benefits to Men, Women Needed to Overcome Mindsets

Men for change – (Women Icons Network) Gender equality must start from home before it seeps into the workplace. In order to be better partners in the household responsibilities, we need to provide men the requisite empathy, understanding, and more paternity leave. Taking the example of Singapore where paternity leave is for two weeks whereas maternity […]