Why the pandemic has restored our faith in the indomitable human spirit

A special feature powered by Ferrari (Portfolio Magazine Singapore, Outlook 2022: Part 5/ March 3) EGN Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, was featured on the latest Portfolio Magazine Singapore, Outlook 2022: Part 5. Nick and other executives are talking about why the pandemic has restored our faith in the indomitable human spirit: A special feature powered […]

Nick Jonsson Interviewed by Business Desk

Nick Jonsson, co-founder and managing director of EGN Singapore, is also the author of Executive Loneliness: The 5 Pathways to Overcoming Isolation, Stress, Anxiety & Depression in the Modern Business World was interviewed by Business Desk in New Zealand. In this interview, he shared about the struggles and challenges he faced at the top of […]

In 2022, Vulnerability Will Be A Leader’s Superpower

Recent changes in our work environments and psychological needs have accelerated the rise of a new core leadership strength: vulnerability. Although we all struggle, sharing our struggles with those we lead has traditionally been a sign of weakness.  In contrast, TED speaker, Brene Brown, notes that vulnerability is a compelling way to build trust, and […]

World Kindness Day

In 2020, I made a bold move to tell the world how executive loneliness a few years earlier drove me to a point of desperation – isolation, overweight, and heavy drinking, I became disconnected from people. In becoming whole again, I realised that we become broken when we lack connectivity to others, and the relief […]

Are You Depressed Or Unhappy – What Is The Difference?

I’m glad you found my site and I hope this information is what you are looking for. Do you know the difference between being depressed or just sad? I really think most people know the difference. It is normal to feel sad from time to time. Everyone somewhere, sometime in lives will experience sadness. Sadness […]

5 Quick Ways To Ease Stress, Depression and Anxiety

No ceremony with this article, let’s go straight into five quick ways that will help you find relief from stress, depression and anxiety. 1. Take regular breaks from the firing line. Working hard without regular breaks is a great way to build up stress and tension. Make sure you have at least one 15-minute break […]

Alcoholism Signs And Symptoms You Should Know

Alcoholism signs and symptoms are clues that alcohol may be a problem. If left untreated, alcoholism signs and symptoms and alcoholism can affect the quality of life of the person as well as those around them. Alcoholism is a disease where alcohol consumption (beer, wine, or hard liquor) is at a level that interferes with […]

When Do You See A Doctor If You Have (Or You Think You Have) Depression?

If you have depression, or at least you think you have one, you must realize that you should not diagnose yourself. You need to have a healthcare practitioner that is skilled to give you a correct assessment and professional diagnosis of your condition. There is absolutely no reason to feel shy or embarrassed when talking […]

What You Think Your Feeling May Not Be Accurate

I know that you may be feeling sad, depressed, angry, upset or any rage of strong emotion. You’re entitled to your feelings. But there’s a problem. Just because you feel something, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is accurate. Now you’re probably scratching you head. You might even be offended and thinking that I am contradicting […]