Eradicating Executive Loneliness

Having someone to talk to about your problems is important for anyone’s mental health. Nick Jonsson, speaks to The Wellness Insider Asia, about Eradicating Executive Loneliness. In his interview, he discusses the mounting pressures of being a company executive, which is a taboo topic for many senior leaders today. Some key questions that he answered were: What is […]

Leadership Loneliness: How to Deal With it Better (The Art of Living/May 20) SHARE  Nick Jonsson      May 28, 2021      Media Appearances      0 comments One may not put these 2 words together that often. Yet so many executives go through this. Uncertain times, undue work pressure, worry about other’s opinions, etc can exacerbate the feeling. […]

Nick Jonsson at Market Edge

We are carrying the message of Executive Loneliness across the world! Yesterday, the Managing Director of EGN Singapore, Nick Jonsson, had the privilege of speaking on the Philippines TV Channel, ANC, to discuss the issue. As people start to open up about their issues with mental health and executive loneliness, we hope that it will […]

Successful but Lonely at the Top 

HELMI YUSOF: AS COMPANIES WORK through the Covid-19 outbreak, one man worries about the mental health impact it might have on the C-suite executives steering them. He knows the financial stress a crisis like this puts on businesses. When Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008, his F&B company lost 50 percent of its revenue for nine months, […]