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The Fight Against Executive Loneliness

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I am dedicated to raising awareness and eliminating the stigma around the phenomenon of executive loneliness.

I have identified that feelings of isolation and depression—personal struggles that I, myself, have had to grapple with and conquer—are much more widespread than we think.

As Founder and Managing Director of Executives' Global Network (EGN) Singapore, #1 international bestselling author, creator of Leaders-Anonymous, keynote speaker, and racing Ironman, I am passionate about exposing executive loneliness and bringing the discussion to the forefront.

Nick Jonsson


Overcoming Executive Loneliness

“It's a topic that no one wants to touch on, no one wants to talk about. But we must. We must understand that it's OK to talk about it.”

—Nick Jonsson



Awareness and Acceptance

That "lonely at the top" feeling.

Perhaps you will recognize it in yourself, in someone you know and care about, or even in one of your bosses or colleagues.

Recognizing the loneliness is key in order to act to change it and embrace a happy, satisfying life

Executive loneliness is actually quite common, though typically hidden.

Many executives and senior business leaders were already anxious and isolated before the COVID-19 pandemic kicked in.

With companies now in crisis mode, and many employees suffering, senior executives often have to carry this weight on their shoulders—alone.

Executive Loneliness is now a more critical topic than ever.

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Guidance and Support

Actionable pathwas ways enabling executives to emerge stronger and better from this difficult place.

By speaking up about depression and anxiety, and my own personal story, I am encouraging others who may be suffering to also come forward and to ask for help.

I know that this is working because, after each of my keynote speeches or published articles on the topic of executive loneliness, I am contacted by people who want to thank me or who are seeking help.

I am then able to listen and help steer them in the right direction, linking them to experts.

If I cannot help, I know the people to link them to who can. We must always know that we are not alone, and we should never be too shy to ask for help.

Support Contacts and Helplines   


Insights and Community

An holistic approach to self-awareness and personal well-being, focussing on healthy relationships, networks and community.

It’s essential for leaders to not carry the heavy burden of leadership in isolation.

The expectation is: When you are at the top, you are supposed to have all the answersI

You are supposed to know everything. You cannot expose your vulnerability.

I have learnt through my recovery journey that life is not about winning. It is about showing up and being seen - and asking for help when you need it.

Peer support groups and professional networking organizations can provide that dialogue, a listening ear, and more importantly, empathy from someone who can truly understand.

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Founder and Managing Director of Executives' Global Network (EGN) Singapore, #1 International Best Selling Author, Executive Loneliness
Sadly, not all companies are mature enough to understand or handle the emotional difficulties of their employees, as at least one senior executive shared with People Matters. But those who can manage it are well on the way to creating a healthier, more positive organizational culture that is able to support employees and address issues more transparently. “That’s why I began with the C-suite,” Jonsson said of his campaign, which targets primarily senior executives. “When you can get this in place at the top, it trickles down to the rest of the company. It helps make things better for everyone else.”

Source: The workplace isolation people don’t talk about | EGN Singapore,7 APRIL 2020

Executive Loneliness Book


How to Avoid the Next Epidemic in Mental Health Causing Isolation, Stress and Anxiety in the Modern Business World That No One Talks About.

My book, Executive Lonliness, is dedicated to raising awareness and eliminating the stigma around the phenomenon of executive loneliness, with a focus on the 5 (five) pathways to overcoming isolation, stress, anxiety and depression in the modern business world.

Executive Lonliness is about bringing to the forefront an honest discussion about:

  • The pressures of being an executive,
  • The fact that executive loneliness is actually quite common, though typically hidden, and 
  • The five primary ways an executive can emerge stronger and better from this difficult place.

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