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My story is not uncommon, but it is too often unspoken. As a senior executive, I overcame the debilitating loneliness that many leaders face without a peer group who understands their unique challenges.

While rebuilding my life, I began to realize how many leaders and entrepreneurs need peers who can relate to their challenges and play a supportive role both professionally and socially. I began to speak up about mental health issues in the workplace the nourishing role of meaningful relationships.

Today, as a global thought leader on the subject of mental well-being, my passion is to help professionals live happier, healthier more successful lives through meaningful connection to one another.

As Founder and Managing Director of Executives' Global Network (EGN) Singapore, Asian’s largest executive peer networking organisation, and #1 international bestselling author, of Executive Loneliness.

Nick Jonsson


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Overcoming Executive Loneliness

“If we can talk to each other, miracles are possible.”

—Nick Jonsson



Seek Others

Virtual technologies enable executives to find the personal and professional support they want.

On one hand, the increase in remote work has contributed to increases in mental health issues. On the other, it has resulted in the emergence of decentralized communities connecting around common purposes.

One of the silver linings of the current pandemic is the acceleration of virtual technologies to connect global communities.

What kind of connection are you looking for? A local tribe or a global one? A place to share your work-related challenges? A private advisory board to give you different perspectives? Or a hub where you’ll find people with shared hobbies so that you can build friendships.

Working in isolation doesn’t mean living in isolation. Your tribe is out there. All you need to do if find it.

“It’s all about human connection.”

—Nick Jonsson

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Share The Burden

Networks offer a holistic approach to self-awareness and personal well-being.

It’s essential for leaders to not carry the heavy burden of leadership in isolation.

The expectation is: When you are at the top, you are supposed to have all the answers.

You are supposed to know everything. You cannot expose your vulnerability.

I have learnt through my recovery journey that life is not about winning. It is about showing up and being seen - and asking for help when you need it.

Peer support groups and professional networking organizations can provide that dialogue, a listening ear, and more importantly, empathy from someone who can truly understand.

“When leaders show their own humanity to their teams, members bond more authentically, speak more candidly, and are more willing to help.”

—Nick Jonsson

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Thrive Together

Thrivers choose to step up their game despite their challenges.

We’ve seen people handle the last two difficult years in different ways: Some people stagnate, letting isolation and uncertainty send them on a downward spiral. Others simply work until exhaustion, waiting for this hard period to end. Still others choose to thrive.

Maybe you are one of them. Thrivers are the ones among us who see the pandemic as an opportunity for personal growth. Thrivers let external factors energize them.

They grab the bull by the horns and adapt, by learning new skills, setting new goals and reaching out to others. Thrivers ask for help when uncertain, offer support where they can, and simply share the journey of navigating a challenging outer world.

We cannot control many external factors, but we can choose how we react, and who we surround ourselves with.

“When professionals build networks outside of their organisation, they create the badly needed safe space where challenges, ideas and solutions can be shared and uncovered.”

—Nick Jonsson



Founder and Managing Director of Executives' Global Network (EGN) Singapore, #1 International Best Selling Author, Executive Loneliness
Sadly, not all companies are mature enough to understand or handle the emotional difficulties of their employees, as at least one senior executive shared with People Matters. But those who can manage it are well on the way to creating a healthier, more positive organizational culture that is able to support employees and address issues more transparently. “That’s why I began with the C-suite,” Jonsson said of his campaign, which targets primarily senior executives. “When you can get this in place at the top, it trickles down to the rest of the company. It helps make things better for everyone else.”

Source: The workplace isolation people don’t talk about | EGN Singapore,7 APRIL 2020

Executive Loneliness Book


How to Avoid the Next Epidemic in Mental Health Causing Isolation, Stress and Anxiety in the Modern Business World That No One Talks About.

My book, Executive Lonliness, is dedicated to raising awareness and eliminating the stigma around the phenomenon of executive loneliness, with a focus on the 5 (five) pathways to overcoming isolation, stress, anxiety and depression in the modern business world.

Executive Lonliness is about bringing to the forefront an honest discussion about:

  • The pressures of being an executive,
  • The fact that executive loneliness is actually quite common, though typically hidden, and 
  • The five primary ways an executive can emerge stronger and better from this difficult place.

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