Mental health and executive loneliness – the challenges no one talks about | Nick Jonsson | EP3

How to overcome burnout, mental health challenges, and suicidal thoughts? These are some of the topics I had the opportunity to discuss with Nick Jonsson. He is the Co-Founder of EGN Singapore, the #1 International Best Selling Author with his book “Executive Loneliness,” and an Ironman athlete. During the deep, vulnerable, and powerful conversation, we covered the following topics: ✅ What is executive loneliness, and how big is the problem? ✅ Signs that something is not ok regarding our mental health.  ✅ Why do some people feel disconnected from themselves? ✅ How to use vulnerability as a strength? ✅ 5 steps to overcome executive loneliness and mental health challenges? More about Nick:

Published: 2022-06-06


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