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First Name: Vivien
Business Name: EGN
Country: Singapore

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martin.jpg How To Deal With Burnout In Business, with Nick Jonsson (The Mental Health Toolbox Podcast/May 20) 20 May 2022
0x0.jpg The Great Realisation about the Great Resignation by Nick Jonsson (People Matters Global/April 21) 21 Apr 2022
ep 63 Nick Jonsson h2.jpg Dealing with Executive Loneliness Podcast (The xMonks Drive/April 14) 14 Apr 2022
Nick Jonsson (FB Size).png Conquer Executive Loneliness; Nick Jonsson (Mindfulness Mode Podcast/April 12) 12 Apr 2022
Nick Jonsson Inside Out.png Nick Jonsson as the International Campaigner of the Year (InsideOut Awards/18 March) 21 Mar 2022
bfm-raise-your-game-bfm-media-sdn-bhd-YE7aNQ-OCcg.1400x1400.jpg Executive Loneliness & Workplace Isolation (BFM :: Raise Your Game/March 16) 16 Mar 2022
1646684056247.jpg Executive Loneliness and Mental Health with CEO and Author, Nick Jonsson (The Leadership Habit/March 10) 10 Mar 2022
1609846561274_6x.jpg Breaking Mental Health Stigma featuring Nick Jonsson (A Mental Health Break Podcast/ March 8) 08 Mar 2022
Nik.jpg Why the pandemic has restored our faith in the indomitable human spirit: A special feature powered by Ferrari (Portfolio Magazine Singapore, Outlook 2022: Part 5/ March 3) 03 Mar 2022
Screenshot 2022-02-21 095219.jpg Business Essentials Daily Podcast: Executive loneliness – the smiling depression featuring Nick Jonsson (Feb 21) 21 Feb 2022
Screenshot 2022-02-15 092627.jpg EGN Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, being shortlisted as a finalist in the 2022 InsideOut Awards (Feb 15) 15 Feb 2022
bb.jpg THE BRAND CALLED YOU Podcast: Benefits of Peer Networking (Jan 28) 28 Jan 2022
podcas_auto_x2_auto_x2.jpg Executive Presence Morsels: Nick Jonsson on Executive Loneliness 21 Jan 2022
9hwGvAQU.jpeg Nick Jonsson Interviewed by Business Desk 20 Jan 2022
E100-2021-2081.jpg Nick Jonsson is honoured the Entrepreneurs 100 Award 2021 (Jan 19) 19 Jan 2022
192-OPT_300x300.png “Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning” podcast with Andrea Samadi featuring Nick Jonsson: Strategies to Overcome Isolation, Stress, Anxiety and Depression in the Workplace (PodBean/Jan 17) 17 Jan 2022
VFTT_Business Times Jan 10 cu.png Nick Jonnson was featured on Business Times View: Musings on a Brand New Year (Business Time View/Jan 10) 14 Jan 2022
istockphoto-1147294648-612x612.jpg In 2022, Vulnerability Will Be A Leader’s Superpower 10 Jan 2022
ssss.JPG The TechLink Health Podcast: Perspectives on executive wellbeing (TechLink/Dec 21) 21 Dec 2021
candid.JPG #Candid: 100 Perspectives on Gender Equality in Singapore (Candid/Dec 10) 10 Dec 2021
survivor.jpg Podcast by Erik DaRosa featuring Nick Jonsson (From Survivor to Thriver/December 8) 08 Dec 2021
nick.JPG Career Catharsis: Podcast by Neha Khurram featuring Nick Jonsson (Beam Career Coaching/December 1) 01 Dec 2021
men4change-300x144.png Men4Change: Systemic Change of Equal Benefits to Men, Women Needed to Overcome Mindsets (Women Icons Network/November 16) 17 Nov 2021
Kindness Memes-Asia Pacific announcement.jpeg World Kindness Day 15 Nov 2021
600x600bb.jpg Episode XL19: NICK JONSSON – Author of Executive Loneliness (The XL Podcast by Graham Brown/September 21) 21 Sep 2021
WINNER EGN Singapore With Pinpoint PR Executive Loneliness.jpeg Sabre PRovoke Award Winning for EGN 2021 16 Sep 2021
CNA Nov 2020.png Employers federation issue advisory on mental well-being at workplaces (Channel News Asia/November 2020) 08 Sep 2021
Executive Loneliness.png Eradicating Executive Loneliness (The Wellness Insider/June 2021) 07 Jun 2021
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